We all have, deep inside our hearts and minds, the burning desire to reconnect, from time to time, to Nature in its pure stature.

We all feel the need to take a deep breath of pure air in a tropical sunny day; walk down the thick jungle in the refreshing shades of centuries-old trees; let ourselves carried on by the endless rocking windings of the forest’s dark rivers; creep close to some of the most magnificent wild creatures on Earth; sleep under the star-lit dome of a breezy night…

…meet people known for their high sense of African hospitality and peacefulness; shake hands with tribesmen in the hands of whom lay cultures closely hoarded since man’s first steps out the cradle of humanity.

There exists, in this world, in our time, a place where this eden-like dream takes the shape of undeniable reality: GABON!

EdenSeen defines itself as a player, among many others, in the mission for Nature Conservation in Gabon. The way it plays its part is by promoting ecotourism, a form of tourism that, roughly speaking, seeks to reconcile Nature Protection, Culture Preservation and Community Development.

We believe that ecotourism is more than safaris and all the things of the kind.  We believe ecotourism is a whole new way of life.

By becoming, an ecotourist with us, you are actually playing your individual contributing part in a long chain of actors devoting their time, energy and money to preserve Nature for future generations. We couldn’t ever be more thankful and happy to stand by you as Gabon softly unveils her riches to you.


“It’s good to know that the money that I pay goes on to serve some higher purpose. It really gives me a sense of belonging. I feel that I am part of something much bigger than my sole self-enjoyment”

EdenSeen is definitely a legitimate call on our very “natural self”. That part of us that, no matter how far we may go discovering new worlds in the universe, links us back to the Earth, as an unbreakable umbilical cordon.

Join us in conversation efforts as an ecotourist, come and visit Gabon 🙂

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